Optimal Human Health, OHH, is a cutting-edge, physician-led team using lifestyle review, extensive blood and functional testing to take you from where you are today, to where you want to be in your journey for Optimal Human Health! By harnessing the power of epigenetics and technology your OHH team will help you optimize your health through health pillar review, custom supplementation, access to peptide and hormone prescribing and possibly medications where appropriate. Everyone’s goals are unique and your program will be too.

No, we do not accept or file health insurance on your behalf. Unfortunately, our healthcare system has devolved into a sick care system and insurance companies currently do not consistently reimburse for services that encourage prevention and optimization. As a culture we have come to rely on health insurance to pay for all things related to health but in reality this is a relatively new concept that has helped to escalate the rapidly increasing cost of care. We believe that health insurance should be viewed like care insurance. If you get into an accident your needs should be covered but if you want to jack up your truck, tint your windows or improve your exhaust you wouldn’t expect your car insurance to pay for that. If you want to use premium fuel rather than regular for improved performance you wouldn’t be deterred because your insurance wouldn’t pay for it. Health optimization should be viewed through the same lens. We negotiate cash prices for blood labs and functional testing that can be less than 10% of insurance rates. Between these rate differences, deductibles, co-insurance and the unpredictable nature of insurance coverage you may OHH to cost less than other programs that are “covered” by insurance.

OHH exists outside of insurance networks intentionally. From this position we are able to negotiate better rates for lab costs. While insurance may cover some labs we are interested in under some circumstances we have found that trying to run labs through insurance increases the cost significantly overall. Depending on your plan you may end up paying more with insurance than without. Unfortunately, this is usually not clear until months after the services are rendered and the method of billing cannot be reversed. For that reason we no longer have the ability to order labs through insurance and will only run labs through our discounted negotiated rates.

Absolutely! Most pharmacies will file insurance for any medications prescribed. If you have difficulty with this we have affiliates who can help in all 50 states.

No, but we will work with your primary and specialty care team to help you reach our goals. We view OHH not as a substitute for traditional health care but the next level of health care focusing on optimization, prevention and health span.

Many diets and health plans are not personalized to you. They may work temporarily but most people fall back into their old habits that got them in trouble in the first place. Optimal Human Health strives to deliver personalized medicine that only works for you! Throughout your time at OHH, we hope to motivate and inspire you to be who you were meant to be. By looking at your genetics, labs, and most importantly taking the time to get to know YOU as a person, we will be able to show you that you have everything you need to be healthier than you could ever imagine. Creating healthy habits that work for you is the key to success that lasts long term. OHH will get you from where you are to where you were meant to be!

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