6 Month Health Optimization Programs

A logical, objective and human approach to optimizing health

OHH uses a team approach to examine your genetics, blood lab markers, saliva cortisol, and lifestyle to create a custom plan that we help you implement in manageable 6 month programs.

OHH Health Optimization Programs Explained

Lifestyle Factors

Personalized medicine starts with you! We use health coaches to discuss your goals and review the 4 pillars of optimization:

Each of these pillars will be used to create a program that meets you where you are and is designed to take you where you want to be.


We are all different, down to our core! Cutting edge science has given us the tools to analyse your genetics beyond what has been available over the last 10 year through direct to consumer products. OHH physicians and coaches use the newest algorithms and research to examine your DNA and use the results to shape your customized program.

Knowing what diseases and conditions you are susceptible to help us direct your time and energy on the lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, supplement and possibly medication approaches that will make the biggest impact on your health!

Extensive Testing

Our lab panel includes both blood and saliva metrics to evaluate where you are currently with your health. We obtain markers for vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, heart disease, stroke and dementia risk, advanced cholesterol levels, thyroid function, hormone levels and status. We update this panel regularly based on the newest research and can customize it based on your goals if needed.

White Board Session

At OHH we believe that the best approach requires a team approach. Once we have basic information about your lifestyle factors, the results of your labs and your genetic report your team will meet to review and brainstorm on your unique case. This team includes at a minimum your coach, your primary optimization physician that you’ll be meeting with and a consulting physician from within OHH that will be handpicked to maximize your program. Together we create a preliminary plan for your Health Optimization Plan Delivery.

The Plan

Next you meet with your primary optimization physician and coach to review the plan! This 60 minute meeting will focus on the reasoning behind your lifestyle, supplement and medication recommendations (if any). You will walk away with a clear plan for the remaining 5 months of your 6 month program.

The Intervention

Now that you have the plan you and your team will set forth to optimize your health! You’ll be supported along the way with the tools you need to be successful and regular meetings with your team!

optimal human health

The end, or is it the beginning?

As you near the end of your 6 month program we will retest whatever is required to verify your success! With that information and a meeting with your team we will determine what your new goals are and create a plan for continuation of your progress!

" Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning "

Benjamin Franklin