The OHH Optimization Program is a 6 month customized experience designed to help you achieve your goals.

Lifestyle Factors

Personalized medicine starts with you! At the beginning of each 6 months program you'll meet with Dr. Doug to review your habits, goals, and any pertinent updated medical history. The OHH program is built around optimizing the lifestyle pillars of:

Each of these pillars will be incorporated into your customized program based on your unique needs and goals.


We are all different, down to our core! Using a simple cheek swab and a complex algorithm we use DNA to help us understand how you were built from the ground up. OHH is partnered with a leader in the field of epigenetics to provide you with a proprietary portal that you will have access to and updates over time as new research becomes available.

Knowing what diseases and conditions you are susceptible to help us direct your time and energy on the lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, supplement, peptide and medication approaches that will make the biggest impact on your health!

Extensive Testing

OHH programs incorporate extensive blood tests and functional testing customized to you. We use your history and symptoms to drive decision making around what to focus on first. The testing generally focuses on the performance of key organs such as the adrenal glands, thyroid and gut. We use specialized tests to verify proper hormone function and nutrient levels as well as advanced markers to guide prevention tactics around heart disease, dementia and diabetes. Each subsequent 6 months receives an updated approach with additional tests that may include advanced cancer screening. biologic age or functional testing for food sensitivities, autoimmune dysfunction or so much more.

Team Approach

The OHH Team works together in their individual field of genius to help construct a unique plan based on everything we learn about you! Coaching services are available for an additional fee but are not required.

The Plan

After all results are in, you meet with Dr. Doug to review it all and finalize a plan to meet your goals. These plans will be founded in the pillars of lifestyle but also include customized supplement recommendations with our concierge supplement program to help source the highest quality nutraceuticals. Your plan will include access to peptide and medication prescribing when appropriate. Hormone replacement programs are available as an add on at cost to us. Your program fees cover everything listed except for the cost of supplements and add on programs such as coaching and hormone replacement. i

The Intervention

Now that you have the plan we set forth to do the work. Don't worry we are here to support you along the way. OHH optimization programs are based on concierge level care. You will have access to our team and Dr. Doug through our customer care platform. Each program includes an additional mid intervention physician visit to make sure that you are on track! Additional support can be provided as needed and mid intervention labs are obtained to verify progress.

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The end, or is it the beginning?

As you near the end of your program you will meet with Dr. Doug to review your goals and determine what's next!

" Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning "

Benjamin Franklin
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Ready to get started?

Schedule a 15 minute consultation with Dr. Doug to learn how OHH can help you reach your optimization goals.