Optimization programs for health

OHH Optimization Program

Dr. Doug shares what OHH’s complete and maximum optimization programs are, who can benefit and gives examples of how OHH can help you optimize your health.
Want to learn more about how OHH’s complete and maximum optimization programs?

A Truly Personalized Approach

Optimal health is different for every person. The OHH process starts with you. We look at where you are, what you are currently doing and where you want to go. We use genetic analysis and lab work as a starting point for our initial assessment and together our team of experts work with you to design a plan to help you achieve your goals.

We evaluate numerous variables including metabolic and hormone markers, cardiovascular and dementia risk factors, mineral and vitamin levels to name a few.

When creating your personalized plan of action, we use a team approach to pull from everyone’s strengths so you can achieve the success you are looking for. Your journey with OHH will include a team of physicians evaluating your data and history, frequent coaching sessions, activity and lifestyle recommendations, nutrition education and counseling specific to your needs and goal

OHH offers 2 levels of optimization. Each level has ALL of the items listed in the OHH Approach below. Maximum optimization involves more frequent physician interaction for those looking to accelerate their progress or those with higher level need states.

Maximum Optimization Program

Our elevated program with alternating physician and coach interaction every month. You will meet with both an OHH coach and your physician every month during your intervention. Designed to accelerate optimization and meet the needs of those with more complex needs.

Complete Optimization Program

Our flagship program and what OHH was built for. Includes all of the components listed in the OHH Approach below. Physician team guided but driven by OHH high level health coaching during the intervention period.


Your expert team of providers and coaches will meet to discuss your unique history, genetics, lab work and goals.


Coaching at intervals designed for your needs and on topics unique to your goals.


60-minute physician and coach consultation to create your unique program.


Physician follow to monitor your progress and update your plan.

Digital Education Material

Livestream and email topics curated to your interests.


Repeat lab work and data analysis **repeat lab provided at cost**


Lifestyle recommendations.


Interpretation of your genetic profile.


Nutrition plan based on your genetic profile and goals.


Supplement review and recommendations.


Extensive Biometric Data Review (wearables not included).


Optimal health should be driven by lifestyle and nutrition modification but metabolic, hormone, bone health and longevity protocols often require prescription or compounded medications.

What can optimization do for you?

  • Weight loss maintenance
  • Diabetes Reversal
  • Blood pressure improvement
  • Gout prevention
  • Cholesterol improvement/risk stratification
  • Men
    • Testosterone Therapy
    • Thyroid Optimization
  • Women
    • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement
    • Thyroid Optimization
    • PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Evaluation and Management
  • Peptide therapy can be a powerful way to augment management  of many conditions. Peptides are shown to help: 
    • Body composition
    • Skin appearance and feel
    • Immune function
    • Energy
    • Performance

Living longer can be both exciting and frightening. OHH longevity protocols are tailored specifically for you and includes both an additional evaluation of your biologic age as well as customization of your OHH program to maximize not only your LIFEspan but your HEALTHspan!

Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the United States. Traditional models for prevention leave many opportunities for optimization untouched. OHH physicians have access to cutting edge technology that can help you to understand your risk. Armed with that knowledge your OHH program can be geared to optimize for cardiac prevention through diet, lifestyle, supplementation and medication recommendations.

Dementia is a frightening prospect for many Americans and the chances of suffering from it are rising rapidly. Evaluation of your current status and a unique approach to optimization including multiple approaches for prevention can be built into your OHH progam.

Osteoporosis is a major cause of fractures and loss of independence in both women and men. Each year over 1,000,000 spine and hip fractures occur in America. Poor bone health is the leading cause of these injuries and sadly is frequently not screened for or treated in most health care settings. Health optimization with OHH can screen, stratify risk and create a plan for improving bone quantity and quality! We use lifestyle, supplement and medications to achieve improvements in fracture risk

It is said that all health begins in the gut! Sometime optimizing nutrition and stress may not be enough to alleviate gut symptoms. Testing for food sensitivities, parasites, microbiome abnormalities, SIBO, IBS, enzyme deficiencies and more can help patients on an optimization program get the relief they need and the health they deserve.
add “Stress Optimization”
“We all live in a stressful environment. Understanding how stress is effecting you and developing realistic strategies to assist in coping with stress is key to any optimization program. We test everyone’s cortisol and use this information combined with other labs and your history to optimize your adrenal axis and help you achieve your goals