Welcome to the Optimal Human Health (OHH) shop. We created this platform for anyone who wants to test their body with optimization in mind. All of our test panels are curated to include relevant combinations of labs that can guide your path to health optimization. Unlike other online testing sites OHH panels are priced to INCLUDE a 15 minute LIVE review with one of our precision health physicians. Without an understanding of what the lab values mean knowing what to do with the information can be difficult. Getting your labs checked through OHH gives you the results you are looking for paired with the interpretation of an expert physician in the field of optimization.

Already have test results and need help interpreting them? Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to discuss our programs or email our team at hello@ohhmd.com to schedule a consultation to get direct personal recommendations and become a patient of OHH.

Looking for a different panel or a custom panel? Email us at hello@ohhmd.com and see how we can customize a panel for you.

15 minute lab consultations DO NOT include treatment for lab identified deficiencies or any other medical problems. Lab consultations are exclusively to help you determine what your next steps could be. This could be with OHH or not. We are here to serve you and help you optimize your health.

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