Douglas Lucas

Douglas Lucas

Founder/CEO, Physician

Douglas Lucas, DO

Dr. Doug Lucas is a fellowship trained precision health specialist. Specializing in metabolic health, hormone optimization for both men and women, osteoporosis and longevity, Dr. Doug aims to address the underlying causes of chronic disease to improve both health span and lifespan.

After finishing his training at Stanford University Dr. Doug began medical practice as an orthopedic surgeon. Passionate about nutrition and disease prevention he quickly became frustrated by the failure of the traditional medical model to allow incorporation of these principles into his practice.

This encouraged Dr. Doug to join his wife Dr. Ashley Lucas, PhD, RD as the Chief Science Officer for her company PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition. Since 2015 Dr. Doug has helped PHD coaches and clients sort through the complex field of nutrition research.

During this time he pursued additional fellowship training from the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine (A4M), The Academy of Preventive and Innovative Medicine and Wild Health. His passion is to work with patients looking to optimize their health through a customized approach based on genetic data, extensive evaluation and in depth lifestyle examination.

Armed with this information he can partner with his patients to achieve their health dreams.