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Optimal Human Health (OHH) is a body of experts organized to raise the bar for your health. By harnessing the power of DNA your OHH team will help you optimize your health through education, coaching, nutrition and lifestyle modification. Our physicians are trained to use industry leading technology paired with ancestral knowledge to not only manage, optimize and help prevent disease but to meet your optimal health goals.

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Optimal Human Health Team

Douglas Lucas

Douglas Lucas, DO

Founder/CEO, Physician

Specializing in Orthopedics, metabolic health and longevity...

Russell Van Maele

Russell Van Maele, DO


Holistic physician specializing in functional medicine and genomics...

Gus Vickery

Gus Vickery, MD


Specializing in personalized health optimization and epigenetics...

Clayton LaBaume

Clayton LaBaume, PAC

Physician Assistant - Certified

Osteoporosis expert...