Battling with low energy, poor focus and diminished drive?

Gain clarity and get empowered to optimize your health!

Doug Lucas, DO uses in depth blood work, genetic analysis and a comprehensive lifestyle review to help you gain back your energy, vitality, stamina and ambition through hormone optimization, peptide therapy, targeted supplementation, nutrition and movement.

What Is Health Optimization?

Starting With You

We start with a thorough history of our "pillars" of optimization including nutrition, sleep, exercise and stress.

Precision Personalized Approach

Every person is unique. We use state of the art genetic analysis to understand where your genes put you at risk and where they can be leveraged for success.

Blood and Functional Testing

We combine extensive blood testing with functional tests to create a unique customized approach to each patient's need.

Concierge Program

We offer a superior customer service experience with our concierge supplement, peptide and hormone programs. Let us make it easy for you!

Wearable Tech

Not required but we can interpret and use any wearable technology you have access to. We will discuss the best options as the come available!


The OHHMD team is made up of experts in functional medicine, bone health, nutrition and more.

Optimal Human Health MD

OHHMD is a physician-led team designed to optimize your health. We customize your journey with genetics, extensive and functional testing with a concierge supplement and communication platform.

Dr Doug Lucas OHH Optimal HEALTH

Your Health


Stamina. Ambition. vitality. Energy. Desire.

OHHMD offers health optimization through an integrative approach to lifestyle, targeted supplementation, hormone optimization, peptide therapy and medications where appropriate.

Dr. Doug
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Douglas Lucas
Founder/CEO, Physician

Douglas Lucas, DO

Meet Our Team

Russell Van Maelee
Russell Van Maele, DO


Clayton LaBaume
Clayton LaBaume, PAC

Physician Assistant

Breta Coach Optimal Human Health
Breta Alstrom, MS, RDN

Dietitian / OHHMD Coach

Teresa Bowser OHH
Teresa Bowser

Practice Manager

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